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CRW Praise Reports

January 10, 2010
Good morning Minister Burnside!
I attended the Writer's Guild this past Saturday. I was a guest of Minister Mary Edwards.

I really enjoyed!!!! There was love, laughter and sistahhood in the house. Most important, the presence of God! It is a blessing to be with those who have some of the same interest/goals as myself...
and Christians, too! I knew I was in the right place.
Have a blessed day!

Wanda- what a gift- I hope we connect very soon again- I am impressed with your website - Victoria Schiffer-Wall

I wanted to write to thank you and the Called and Ready Writers' group for your warm welcome! Thank you for your generosity and opening your arms to me. It was a blessing to be surrounded by "published authors" who were very excited to share their experience and hope.

Thank you Wanda for your prayers over me and opening your heart to a sister in Christ. I will continue to pray for your group and ask that you would pray that I would hear and listen to God's leading regarding the path He would have me walk.

Thank you for your thoughtful gift, the plaque is sitting on my counter. Ever reminding me that "The Lord Strong and Mighty."

I pray that you and the group continue to "Arise, shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1

Serving Him, Maureen M

This is a beautiful report. Again, I thank God for your vision and foresight in presenting this as an opportunity for CRW Outreach.

Keep Up The Great Work in the Lord Wanda! Gail M

The website looks better and better. I like the links and bells and whistles that we did not have before. I am especially impressed with the writer resource links to the copyright office etc. We are moving up and in the right direction.

Praise God and Thank You Mrs. President for Your Commitment to Excellent! Gail

Min. Mary, I just want to thank you personally for starting CRW. You do not know how many people you and the board members have given an opportunity to receive such valuable information for free. I personally know that if I went to school and got the information CRW is giving out I would be paying at least $300 or more per credit hour. I am determined to be more diligent in writing beginning this day.

Thanks for being God sent. Delores

This is a beautiful website!  I was referred here by Wanda and am so glad I came. I've been praying that God would open doors and committing to Him that I will walk through those He opens before me. This week I've stepped out in faith and turned some doorknobs. It was a little scary and finding the meditation on door really blessed me this morning.

Thanks you so much Paula

Awesome Word...Good Morning Minister Mary:
This is truly a prophetic word from the Lord!!!

Just recently I spoke to the group that I have been leading prayer with since January 2005 House of Prayer COGIC here in the Flint area regarding the Key of David and the rebuilding of the Tabernacle of David.
Another sister in the Lord on my prayer line (5:30am Mon-Fri) had the same word from the Lord - the Key of David and my Pastor, Pastor Loren (Mt. Zion) in Clarkston has been also speaking about the open door which no man can shut... the Holy Spirit is speaking the same word to all who have ears to hear.
I am gathering my information together for you to pursue publishing my journal. When the Retreat is over I will have more dedicated time to complete this task.

Have an awesome and blessed day in the Lord. Sis D

Minister Mary, I have read many of your morning meditations and thoroughly enjoy them all. But...this one was tailored made for me. Thank you for your obedience!!! Love you much, Carmen

I'm very impressed with your website and all the informative information about the writers and your organization. Your approach in allowing your visitors to professionally yet personally feel a connection with each writer. Great communications!!

And congratulations to the president and founder Mrs. Wanda Burnside, a very beautiful-spirited young Godly woman with a vision. ~ Michele B.

A wonderful message, Mary. The Lord is using you mightily...And we want to come in to His room. Love.

Bob and Shirl

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