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Minister Celeste Kelley

Soul Sistah's Ministry

Minister Celeste Kelley,
Co-Founder and Director

Wanda J. Burnside, Administrator
"Let me help you promote your books and poetry online in the cafe." 
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 God has blessed Minister Celeste to release her books.

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Have you experienced the wrath of someone drinking glasses filled with Hateraide? This is the self-empowering, socially and morally conscious story of how sisters and brothers, alike, all too often hate on each other for no apparent reason whatsoever. This book teaches important methods for dealing with individuals that drink from the well of Hateraide, so that it does not become addictive in our own life. More importantly, this book helps us to lean not to our own understanding, but trust God. It will give you many scenarios, some experienced by the author and some that many have.


In comparison to "...It's Not That Serious!", the first book of the "Sister Girl Series", this the second of the series, "...'Amen!'" takes us on Destiny's Road and guides us through different situations that we often encounter as we mature in God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Are you still waiting on your vision to come to pass?  Have you discovered there are yet still obstacles while you travel Destiny's Road?  Have you suffered what you thought were setbacks on Destiny's Road?  This interactive book of self-analysis and prayer in the process will bless you to know that the Lord is yet leading and guiding you as He takes you to the next level of glory.

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